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Since   2014,   MV2S  RACING participates   to   different championships :  in  Mitjet 2L (2017 Champion) but also in Mitjet Super Tourisme (2017 Pro-Am Champion).

The team of  Stéphane Roux takes  a  new dimension in 2020 when it decides to participate in the Michelin Le Mans Cup (including Road To Le Mans at the opening of the 24 hours of Le Mans)  with a Ligier JS P320, but also  at the European Le Mans Series in 2021.


In 2022 a return to the Michelin Le Mans Cup this time with 2 LMP3 prototypes and title sponsor Petit Forestier.


In 2023 the team exported to the Asian Le Mans series and finished vice-champion with 4 podiums and 1 victory.


Over the last 4 years MV2S Racing has entered 6 Mitjets in a double program in the French – Italian and Northern Europe championships.


Participation in the Mitjet 2L France / Northern Europe and Italy championships


Vice champion in Mitjet 2L


Participation in ELMS in LMP3


Vice-champion in the Asian Le Mans Series in LMP3 with 4 podiums including 1 victory


Creation of MV2S RACING

by Stéphane Roux

SINCE 2014

Champion in Mitjet 2L and champion in Supertouring (pro-am)


Arrival on the endurance scene with participation in the Michelin Le Mans Cup in LMP3


Participation in the Michelin Le Mans Cup with 2 Ligiers JP P320s (5th in the championship, 2 podiums, 1 pole position)


Participation in the Michelin Le Mans Cup in LMP3 with 2 Ligier JS P320s (1 podium)

Arrival in Ultimate Cup Series with 2 Nova NP02s.

Participation in the Michelin Le Mans Cup with 2 Ligier JS P320s.


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